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The recipient uses the gift voucher code in the process of submitting an online purchase at www.lynx-proadventure.com. The code is entered in the submission process in the “Discount code” field. The amount of the gift voucher will be automatically deducted from the final amount in the cart The date of validity of the gift voucher is written on the voucher.

Once you complete purchasing gift voucher, you will receive a PDF of the gift voucher at the email address you provided when placing your order. You can forward it to the recipient or print it out and get it personally. In addition to the voucher, you will receive instructions for redeeming the gift voucher. It is not possible to change gift voucher to cash. The voucher is only redeemable in full amount. A voucher cannot be redeemed if the purchase value is lower than the voucher value. If the value of the purchase is higher than the value of the gift voucher, the holder of the gift voucher must pay the difference. Click here to check where you can redeem your gift voucher.

Validation of the gift vouchers is noted on the voucher.

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You can choose among the packages

It’s the thought that counts.

Special Forces

In Special Forces package, you will be involved in multiple activities. Sniper, Scout and Counter ...

Activities for Kids

Survival activities for kids. On those activities we will teach your kids how to survive in the ...


Long distance, wind, rain, night. None of these stop our sniper team. Spending days in a makeshift ...

Counter Terror

You will participate in various scenarios in which our instructors will assume the role of your ...


Learning to dive by attending courses offered by any diving school is a special experience in ...


Pristine nature, a night under a clear sky, spending several days in the woods navigating your team ...

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