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Survival Team Building – 1 day

– Find water

– Light a fire without using a lighter, matches or similar

– Prepare food and survive

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Survival Team Building – 1 day

1 day

6 - 30 persons

In nature

1 day


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This one-day programme is designed for employee teams or groups of students and offers them an unforgettable experience learning about wilderness survival.

Programme description

The 10-hour survival program includes basic knowledge on how to survive in nature with minimal equipment in a variety of stressful situations. We will teach you how to overcome fear, fatigue and cold, and how to put together a team of compatible individuals to help you overcome these obstacles. The team spirit developed in the course of these exercises will be unlike anything you have ever experienced. The programmes are aimed at people who want to apply wilderness survival skills in practice. Gear: clothing appropriate for climate and conditions.

The programme include: all necessarily survival equipment and instructors.

The programme also includes: lunch and a drink


Piña Colada

Viktorija Savic - Piña Colada
3 April 2023

Unforgettable experience…I am very satisfied….nothing without Bostjan, a positive great person and professional with whom everything was much easier.I love adrenaline, but this was so good for me.Congratulations to the whole team and I can’t wait to come again.ps;All from the gun it’s great for me, I’m just getting better with the sniper because it’s fixed and I don’t need much strength…

Future sniper;  Viktorija Savic

Guys from PIK

Vlado Komljenovič - field consultant
16 January 2020

Here, some impressions from our Friday team building.

We’ve been thinking with colleagues for a day and a half to find something new, something that everyone likes. Being a shooter myself, we also occasionally talked about going to the shooting range together. We found out that we have a company in Kocevje that offers exactly what we were looking for. Dalibor and Bazo instructors were waiting for us at the shooting range, expertly teaching us everything, and especially carefully, about the safety at the shooting range. Each step was described and demonstrated to us, and then we tested ourselves. The Lynx team is really highly professional and excellently trained, so I highly recommend anyone who wants to give this a try. But if you don’t want to shoot, there is a bunch of other activities for you, so no one will be bored. We are already talking about a new term. 😉


Everyone was excited

Andrej Mladenovič - field consultant
13 January 2020

My colleagues and I were looking for something different to hang out with. Fortunately, we found a local company, Lynx adventure, offering a fresh offer and we said “why not, let’s try” We thought we were going for two or three hours because we thought it would be more than too much. Those three hours passed in an instant, they could actually be all day because they offered us a really fun and educational experience. The instructors were great, the animation was really top notch and we’re not sorry for a second. Immediately after the end of the day, we had already agreed to go again and set an indicative date, with the exception that we would go for one day. Given the offer they could have immediately wasted two or three average Slovenian salaries, and I wouldn’t be sorry for a second. I recommend to anyone who wants to spend the day in nature under the guidance of top staff, but most of all, who want to have fun in a slightly different way. I can also say that the most impressed were those who were not supporters of the shooting so far or were a little skeptical. Thank you to the Lynx team for an unforgettable experience.


Tactical firing instructor

Claudia Erjavec - lawyer
23 December 2019

I would like to thank everyone once again for the “whole story” you have prepared for us … It was an interesting and new experience that will forever be remembered.
Really big thank you for everything and a nice greetings from me,


P.s. Maybe in the next life I will be a tactical firing instructor ? ? ?

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Lynx PRO Campus

Unique place on Europe’s map for the most complex and demanding training.

40 meters Tactical Shooting Range
“Luri” is a certified, open tactical shooting range designed for advanced shooting training with pistols and assault rifles.

LYNX Rope Walls
The wall for rope training techniques 20 meters is designed to allow you to use also lethal or nonlethal weapons on a wall. At the same time you can train in multiple tactics.

LYNX Military Camp
Our military camp is designed for living in all weather conditions. Living in the camp is a realistic experience. Depending on weather, it can be like being in Afghanistan or the north pole.

Practical training is taken place at Lake Resko.

Lynx Forest Zone
The Kocevska region - virgin forests. Many caves, Karst springs, lookouts, tree giants and a hidden animal world offer us the best options for tactical training.

Lynx Para Commando Airport
The runway is longer than 400 meters and is enough to land and take off with a plane like the Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter, which we use for our parachute activities.

Lynx Sniper Zone - a range of 400 meters
A sniper range of 400 meters is located in a secret location that will create the true atmosphere of the sniper in action.

Lynx Comlex
Lynx complex is usually a starting point before we begin training in the field. It includes a lecture hall, martial arts gym, fitness gym, armory and administrative offices.

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