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Counter Terror – 3 days

Entering a building, adrenaline and action, surprise moves and traps set by the enemy, use everything you can, door breaching…

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Counter Terror – 3 days

3 days

up to 12 persons

Tactical training centre

This package is designed for candidates who truly want to experience the life of anti-terrorism SWAT units.

Package description

Participants in the three-day SWAT course will gain skills such as shooting, group movement and navigation through the woods towards the building, moving through buildings, overcoming various obstacles, etc. You will be shooting at various targets from different ranges. The shooting drills will also take place inside buildings. To make it even more realistic, you will use the Simunition system for various shooting activities. Members of our team will assume the role of the bad guys you will have to deal with. To ensure complete safety, you will be directly supervised by our instructors at all times. You will live in a military camp, and sleep on military beds. We believe this will prove to be a unique experience. Activities are guided in English or Slovenian language.

NEW (OPFOR) – during the activity itself, as a member of the team (DELTA TEAM) you will compete with the opposing team, it is an additional new adrenaline experience.


Participants must be at least 15 years of age, as the activity involves firearms. Average physical fitness is recommended. In addition to motivation and positive energy, participants only need to make sure to bring footwear appropriate for such activities. You will get all the other equipment from us! The package includes military food and accommodation.

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Lynx PRO Campus

Unique place on Europe’s map for the most complex and demanding training.

40 meters Tactical Shooting Range
“Luri” is a certified, open tactical shooting range designed for advanced shooting training with pistols and assault rifles.

LYNX Rope Walls
The wall for rope training techniques 20 meters is designed to allow you to use also lethal or nonlethal weapons on a wall. At the same time you can train in multiple tactics.

LYNX Military Camp
Our military camp is designed for living in all weather conditions. Living in the camp is a realistic experience. Depending on weather, it can be like being in Afghanistan or the north pole.

Practical training is taken place at Lake Resko.

Lynx Forest Zone
The Kocevska region - virgin forests. Many caves, Karst springs, lookouts, tree giants and a hidden animal world offer us the best options for tactical training.

Lynx Para Commando Airport
The runway is longer than 400 meters and is enough to land and take off with a plane like the Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter, which we use for our parachute activities.

Lynx Sniper Zone - a range of 400 meters
A sniper range of 400 meters is located in a secret location that will create the true atmosphere of the sniper in action.

Lynx Comlex
Lynx complex is usually a starting point before we begin training in the field. It includes a lecture hall, martial arts gym, fitness gym, armory and administrative offices.

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