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Destination Kocevsko & Lynx

Explore the vast expanses of the Kocevje Forest in the heart of beautiful Slovenia, one of the European countries. The landscape with the most preserved nature in Slovenia will welcome you with open arms Its deepest corners hide the remains of virgin forests where you can experience life as it once was. Head deep into the woods and listen to the breathing of nature up close. This is where the LYNX Pro Adventure Centre is located and operates.


Get Lynx Pro Adventure Ready

Every adventure requires preparation. Before you decide to book an activity, please read through the restrictions and get acquainted with the advice given by our experts.

If you want to participate in our activities, you must be aware of some restrictions: the minimum age of participants is 15 years for programmes involving firearms, 12 years for diving activities and 8 years for all other programmes. Persons under 14 years of age must be accompanied by an adult who shall sign the liability waiver on their behalf.

For safety reasons, pregnant women and people with health-related restrictions are discouraged from participation in most activities. If you have health-related restrictions, consult a physician beforehand.

You will also need at least a moderate fitness level to enjoy our activities to the fullest. If you can easily climb up a ladder, jump and do some squats, you won’t have any problems and will have a lot of fun.

What type of clothing to choose?

Choose clothing appropriate for the activities you will take part in. Since most of them are carried out outdoors in nature, we suggest you opt for hiking attire. We strongly discourage skirts, high heels, sandals or slippers and similar otherwise comfortable clothing and footwear, which are, however, unfortunately not appropriate for our activities. All other equipment is provided by our team.

Is Lynx Pro Adventure the right choice for you?

Because we want you to thoroughly enjoy our adventures, it is necessary to prepare for them properly. We want our courses to be the experience of your lifetime and will strive to remove any and all obstacles in your way. That is why our team of experts will advise you and share all their experience with you.

Signing a liability waiver

Regardless of which of our activities you participate in, you will need to sign a liability waiver beforehand. See the attached pdf file for details.

Download PDF


How to reach us?

It is very easy to reach us by car or public transport.

Our centre is located 100 kilometers from the Ljubljana Jože Pučnik International Airport. To get from the airport to our centre, you can use public transport, rent a car or arrange with us to provide transportation for you. You can contact our direct transit provider at +386 40 841 841.

The regular bus line from Ljubljana to Kočevje takes an hour and twenty minutes. It is only a 10-minute walk from the bus station in Kočevje to Tomšičeva cesta 13. Come to this address and we will arrange all other transportation to other locations. Take a look at the NOMAGO bus service.

If arriving by car, you can drive directly to our centre, located on the outskirts of the village of Mozelj. From Ljubljana, take the regional road no. 106 and you will arrive to our centre in an hour and fifteen minutes. Drive through Mozelj towards Črnomelj and at the end of the village turn right onto an unpaved road. You will reach the centre after 300 metres. You can park your car in the parking lot free of charge.


What's close by

Photographer of Kocevsko material: Jost Gantar

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