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Activities and Packages

Want to test your skills as a Special Forces operative? Join us in the vast Kocevje Forest, where real military and police special forces drills take place, and experience the life of men and women whose job it is to keep us safe. Let’s show appreciation for all they do.

Our training centre is not  just about shooting guns. Through fun games and adrenaline activities, our team of instructors, most of whom are former special forces members, will help you learn skills that might very well come in handy in your day-to-day life. Join us to learn how to navigate and survive in nature, master diving or parachuting skills, overcome vertical obstacles with a rope, and much more.

You can choose one or more existing packages, or create a programme for yourself and your friends that works best for you. We cannot promise that you will become a true special forces operative after a few days in the company of our instructors, but you will definitely have a lot of fun. A visit to our training centre might spur younger participants to opt for a police or military career, while older visitors can experience something they have never had the chance to try.


Special Forces

In Special Forces package, you will be involved in multiple activities. Sniper, Scout and Counter Terror all in one. Spending days in a shooting different weapons at various ranges, overcoming various obstacles, preparing a mission, all of this will be a walk in the park if you select the SF package.

3 - 4 days

Activities for Kids

Survival activities for kids. On those activities we will teach your kids how to survive in the nature with minimal equipment in different stressful situations. We will teach them how to deal with fear, with fatigue, coldness and how to build a strong team which will help you to overcome mentioned obstacles.

3 - 5 days


Long distance, wind, rain, night. None of these stop our sniper team. Spending days in a makeshift bivouac, shooting different weapons at various ranges and hitting the target, all of this will be a walk in the park if you select the Sniper package.

3 - 4 days

Counter Terror

You will participate in various scenarios in which our instructors will assume the role of your enemies. As a team, you will enter different facilities, overcome obstacles, avoid traps, search premises and take down the bad guys. To make the scenarios even more realistic, you will use the Simunition system.

3 - 4 days


Learning to dive by attending courses offered by any diving school is a special experience in itself. However, training to become a diver the way special forces do, with adrenaline rushing through your veins, takes the experience to a whole new level. Inflatable boat, crossing the river, etc. The only thing you need is courage.

4 - 5 days


Pristine nature, a night under a clear sky, spending several days in the woods navigating your team with a map to a specific location. Observing the target covertly, reporting back to your base, sketching what you see and avoiding pursuers. These are just a few details of the experience you'll get if you choose the Scout package.

3 - 4 days

Personalized package

Are interested in our offer but none of the packages suits you? Tell us which activities you like and we will create personalized package for you.

What to wear?

We test and advice on the best clothing and equipment for our activities. We represent a few of most popular.

List of equipement:

Tactical pants
The Clawgear Raider Mk.IV pants are robust yet comfortable military pants made of the original MultiCam NYCO material and feature an adjustable waistband.
Tactical belt
The tactical belt 5.11 Alta is currently one of the most popular and practical tactical belts on the market.
Sabre backpack
The Sabre 75 military backpack, made by the British manufacturer Karrimor Special Forces, was developed in collaboration with the British Army.
Tactical shoes
The medium-light tactical leather shoe with the GORE-TEX® Vision 3LY membrane is perfect for activities at the LYNX Centre.
Green key